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After much thought, we’ve decided not to pursue this business.  My husband (who was in charge of the website) and I have both agreed that he should finish his Masters before we dive into such a project. But I’ve enjoyed writing this blog, and I know that people are reading it, so I’ve decided to go back to my first blog:

Please come visit over there!  Thank you to everyone who read this blog and I look forward to seeing you over there.



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A Challenge for the Greater Good

I was searching around on the internet and came across the Flat and Hand washing Challenge that Dirty Diaper Laundry held back in May.  The reason that she did it (from what I took from the challenge) was to show that all families can use cloth, there are some choices with minimal up front fees, and you can do cloth even if you have to use a laundry mat or don’t have regular access to a washer.

Later on today, I was thinking about the people who use the food bank in our community.  I was reading a note on our food bank FB page and was saddened.  I understand that Christmas time is tough on families, but it always shocks me when I read updates from the food bank.

I was thinking that if these families have such a hard time getting food for their families, what else can they do to make the burden a little less?  Do the families with children in diapers let their kids sit in disposables until they can’t absorb anymore so they can make that package stretch a little farther?  Have they thought about cloth, but was shocked by the price of the newer, more modern cloth diapers?  What if they have to go to the laundry mat?  Does our laundry mat have a policy against cloth diapers?

I obviously don’t know the answers of these questions, but was wondering what I could do to help out.  We’re feeling the pinch of Nova Scotia Powers’ most recent power hike.  We’re trying to cut our grocery budget now before the price of food goes up again.  We’re keeping the van in the driveway as much as possible to try to cut our travel budget.  We have a modest income from my husband, not too much, but not too little, but Student Loans and other bills threaten to choke us monthly.  If we’re feeling like this, how are all the families that have lost their jobs lately feeling?  I couldn’t imagine.  And the thought of my kids sensing that kind of stress from us brings tears to my eyes.

So what can I do?  Well, I had a thought.  I am going to challenge you to start a box to go to your local food bank.  Keep a list of what you send and a running tally of the weight of your box.  Do this for the month of February and then post you’re totals on the February Food Bank Challenge FB Event Page.  Keep us up to date of the course of the month to let everyone know how you’re doing.  It doesn’t have to be much.  An extra box of cereal in your grocery order, or some unused cloth diapers that are sitting in your stash.  Any little bit counts!  Call your food bank and see what items go the fastest and maybe buy those all month.

There’s no prizes for those participating.  But knowing that we are helping keep the food bank stocked a little more is more than I need for compensation!

The first thing going into my box are my baby prefolds!  What about you?


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My Cloth Diaper Story

My Cloth Diaper Story.

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How Many Diapers Do I Need?

This is a common question that many people have.  The cost of buying cloth diapers can be a little intimidating when you are first starting out.    You must keep in mind that this is most likely a one time cost.  There will be no running to the store because you are out of diapers!  If you chose to still use disposables at night, you can get through without too many worries.  We keep the smallest packages of disposables in the house for night, so we go through a 40 pack about every month or so.

OK…so how many do you need?  With a newborn, I would suggest a minimum of 25.  This will most likely not give you more than a day, day and a half at the most between washing.  When they are older, I would say a minimum of 18.  This again will not get you far.  But it will get you started!  Be prepared to do washing more frequently, and there will be more wear and tear on your diapers.

To be comfortable, minimize the wear, and have a day or two between washings, I would recommend 36 for newborns, and 25 for older babes.  You can always add more of less depending on your preference, how many days you want in between washings and such.

I always want to suggest as well, that when you are starting your stash, please purchase a mix of diapers.  Whether it be brands, or types (such as pockets and prefolds), this will let you know what works on your baby, and will also help minimize the costs.  (It will minimize costs because you will nt be buying an entire stash of something that you don’t like!)

Here are some links with more info for you!

Happy Diapering!

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Happy Holidays! And How to Survive!

It’s just about that time of the year again!  Snow (should be) on the ground, children (should be) on their best behaviour, family (hopefully) getting together for gatherings.  As exciting as this time of year is, it can be stressful with children.  Here are some of my tips for parent survival of the holidays!

  • Take some items off your to-do list.  With a serious case of teething, many traditions have been kicked to the curb in this house.  I feel guilty, but I know that it’s better to do less and enjoy the time with my kids instead of getting out my Christmas cards this year.  Plus it saved us a bit of money!
  • Take the time to plan a few child friendly crafts to entertain the kids.  It’s fun for the kids, plus it keeps them occupied for a few minutes while you get a few things crossed off your list.  It doesn’t have to be anything crazy either.  Today, M made Christmas ornaments out of construction paper circles.  Super simple.
  • Let the house work go to the wayside.  People will understand.  Or maybe not show up!  Or not stay as long!  Honestly, my house is a disaster at the moment, so I need to do something about it.  But I’m talking about every pot is dirty on the counter and I had to shove a bunch of crap to the side so I could put the laptop down to type this.
  • Stick to the schedule as much as possible!  If your kids have a nap or go to bed at a certain time, keep it up!  They may not go to sleep, but you will have a better chance of it if you stick to a schedule.  Plus this helps minimize over tired melt downs that tend to ruin Christmas dinner.
  • Keep lots of snacks in the house for your little ones!  I know that in our house, we tend not to eat actual meals this time of the year for some reason, so I keep lots of fruit and veggies, crackers, cheese, etc. in the house for the kids to graze on.  Helps with the whining as well.
  • Lastly, expect melt downs.  It’s to be expected.  The kids are super overstimulated over the holidays and if they didn’t have a tantrum, then you need to Thank whomever and be grateful for well behaved children.  (If you do have one of those kids, the best present you can give your friends is to not bring it up.  They might not be your friends anymore.)  I have had a child around for almost 12 years now, and I can’t remember a holiday that didn’t have an overtired, cranky, overstimulated child in it.  It’s the magic of the holidays.
  • And lastly, enjoy yourself!  Start family traditions!  Get outside and enjoy the cold!  Hug your kids a little tighter!

This will probably be the last post until the New Years unless something comes to mind.  So have a great holiday, enjoy the festivities and take the time to enjoy it through your childrens eyes!

Happy Diapering!

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Blogs I Enjoy!

OK…I must admit.  I stalk these people.  But that’s OK. (Right?) They inspire me and help make me feel like the silly (stupid) things that happen in this happy house of five is normal.  Here’s my list:

And a few more blogs that I just found:

Happy Reading! 

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CJ’s All Natural Products

I will be selling CJ’s All Natural online with minimum stock on hand.  At the moment, I am taking orders for anyone who would like the product now.  If you are interested you can just send me an email at jthibodeau at live dot com.

Some of the products available are:

  • Diaper creams available in 0.5, 4, 12 oz tubs, sticks, and sprays.  If you are dealing with yeast issues, they have a spray that is great for that.
  • Wool wash and woolie revitalizer (lanolin spray).
  • Carcass Cleaner (a body wash that can also be used as a shampoo and a squirt in your wipe solution!)
  • Deodorant and lip balm.
  • Body lotion
  • All Purpose household cleaner.
  • A body and linen spray.
  • A bug spray.
  • And the diaper cream is also available in a vegan option as well.

Please contact me for any information.  If you pop me an email I can send you a brochure and an order form.

All of the diaper creams are cloth diaper safe so there are no worries of having to strip diapers later on and smell divine!

Happy Diapering!


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