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For the Love of Flats!

I’m in love with flats!  I’m not kidding.  They wash like old dish rags, are more absorbent then you would think, dry INSIDE in about 3 hours and are not stiff when hung up, dry in the dryer in about 20 min., and are cheap!  CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!!!  Closet to free you can get.

I bought 24 OsoCozy Organic Flat diapers from Caterpillar Baby.  I paid about $44 for all 24.  You do need covers as well, but we were just looking to replace some of our old prefolds that were looking a little worse for wear.  That’s a fantastic deal if you ask me!  Makes me kinda wish we had bought these in the beginning.  These are a good size.  My son is about 21lbs and we can still origami fold our flats for him.  If you need more absorbancy, you can just put two together or pad fold one in the middle.  Here’s another resource for folding flats:

Edit:  I forgot to mention a couple cons.  Because they are cotton, they are a little hard to get poo off sometimes, and they do tend to hold stains.  I’m thankful everyday for my diaper sprayer!  And I don’t care about stains.  They come with the territory and Spring will be here before you know it!

J2 in a flat.

Happy Diapering!


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Pockets and All In Ones (AIO)

So lastly in your choices of cloth diapers are pockets and AIO’s. These have a PUL cover and the absorbent insert together as one. The difference between a pocket and an AIO is with a pocket you can remover the soiled absorbent insert. This makes for faster drying and the benefit of easily adding more absorbancy as you wish.

These diapers come with the choice of snaps or Aplix for fastening like covers, and come with different options for inserts. Depending on brands, you can also choose sized or One Size options.

I have ZERO experience with AIO’s, I’m going to leave that up to you! I have always chosen pockets for the cleaning and drying aspect.

Here are some of my favorite brands:
FuzziBunz have great sized and one size options that fit well. They are only available in snaps as far as I know, but are still really easy to adjust and put on baby. Microfiber can be a bit fussy (later discussion), but these are super absorbent. FuzziBunz now sells minky and organic cotton insert options for those who do not really like microfiber.

bumGenis makes a great OS option with either snaps or APLIX. These come with microfiber as well, but bamboo doublers are also available for purchase. I only have the APLIX option, which make for a great, adjustable fit. They also sell refresher kits with really simple instructions for replacement of the velcro.  They also sell AIO’s that you might be interested in.

AMP are made in Canada and have a variety of diapers. I really like their OS Duo with bamboo inserts. These have fit to fold inserts and they do not use microfiber for any. One thing to keep in mind when buying these is that the insert is not included, they must be bought separately. The space to insert and remove the insert is in the front of the diaper where as FuzziBunz and bumGenious is in the backs of diapers.

These are my main 3 choices for pockets. Pockets and AIO’s are as close to disposable as you can get, which makes them an excellent choice for daycare.

If you have any questions about any diapers, or want to know my opinion or what I have heard, feel free to ask! Also, everyone check out New and Used Diaper Co. on Facebook! We’re having a contest the month of November!

Happy Diapering!

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Diaper Covers

So maybe you’ve decided to use prefolds, fitted or flat diapers.  Now you need a cover.  There are really only a few choices of fabric out there; PUL (Celtic Cloths explains what that is), fleece or wool.  It’s really your preferance what you would like to use and how you feel these choices work for your family.  Here’s a list of covers per fabric choice I would personally suggest:


Bummis makes great covers with wonderful color and print choices.  I have only had the Aplix fastener type, but have never heard a complaint about the snaps.  Their sizes are generous and once your out of the smalls, the mediums will last you a very long time.  My daughter went into her mediums around 6 months and wore them until potty trained around age 3.  Can’t go wrong there!

Thirsties also has a wonderful PUL wrap system at a reasonable price.  They have 2 sizes to choose from and also comes in snaps or Aplix.  I have size 2’s of these wraps and I really like that they are a little higher in the rise.  Again, my daughter wore her size 2 Duo Wrap until she was potty trained.

Sweet Pea also have a One Size option that I have only heard great things about as well.  It is an American company, but is available in many stores here in Canada.  One thing worth mentioning about all One Size options is that sometimes if your baby was on the smaller side, it can take a little bit before they grow into the diapers.  Most say starting at 8 pounds, but my babies were all bigger then that and they were closer to 12 pounds before they could wear our One Size diapers with proper fitting.


I have only had experience with one fleece diaper.  It was a Sugar Peas fleece diaper cover.  It worked fine for the days, but not for nights.  And I do like the fit, the elastics on the legs were comfy and did not leave marks on my kids legs.  The sizing runs a little small, so keep that in mind when ordering.  The perks to fleece is that it’s more breathable then PUL but more user friendly then wool.  If you’ve had more experience then me, please feel free to comment.


Wool is a perfect natural product to choose when cloth diapering.  I won’t go into all the perks, but you can read all about it here.  Again, I’ve mostly made my wool covers but can tell you a few popular choices to help guide the way.  Aristocrats, Woollybottoms, and Kissaluvs all make great wool products that I drool over all the time.  I have never bought any only because I can make my own wool covers.  But trust me, if my husband wouldn’t notice, I’d have one or two of these in my stash!  Here’s the pattern that I use to make our covers.

I’ll discuss taking care of your wool in another post.


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Fitted Diapers

I have a minute, so I’ll quickly do a run down on fitted diapers. There’s really not too much to discuss with them.

Fitted diapers look basically like a disposable (easiest way to describe), can be made from many different fabrics, have snaps or velcro for closures, can be multiple sizes or a one size option, and needs a cover to keep clothes dry.

My favorite fitted diapers hands down have to be MotherEase One Size bamboo fitted diaper. OMG!! I love these things! They can easily be adjusted for newborns (please keep in mind that my latest baby wearing them was over 8 lbs at birth, so now experience with smaller babes!) and have a doubler that can be added to boost absorbancy. Great bang for your buck.

Bummis sells Bambozzle diapers made from bamboo that are amazing too. So soft!

Sugar Peas also sell a 2 sized hemp system that is fantastic.

sustainablebabyish makes a perfect one size snapless option that is a miracle at night. They also sell sized fitted diapers and wool covers that are quite fabulous I hear, but I’ve only tried the snapless OS.

Rearz also makes prefold fitted diapers (a prefold with snaps!) and other fitted diapers that I have only ever heard fantastic things about as well. You can find these diapers at Enchanted Forest here in Truro!

Fitted diapers are great because they are usually very easy to clean, super absorbant, and having a 2 piece system (diaper and cover) seems to make a leak proof system.

Happy Diapering!

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Different Diaper Types

So I thought that this week, I’d go over the different types of cloth diapers you can buy. There are lots of brands for each type and I will link you up with brands that I know and have used. And maybe a couple that I haven’t used, but are extremely popular right now.

Today we’ll tackle flats and prefolds. These are your Grammys diapers. There is a learning curve with these, and you do need separate covers, but are easy to wash and CHEAP! Cheap, cheap, cheap!

First flats. These are pretty much what people used back when on their babies. They must be folded and pinned, and you should use a cover with them. Nowadays, you can use a Snappi to hold your diapers on and this eliminates the risk of pricking your baby. Here is a great site to help you with folding your flats: .  Also check out YouTube. Just search for flat diaper folding and you will find lots of videos to help you!

I first used flats almost 12 years ago *tear* when I first had my son. My mom made me flats from old flannel sheets and I pinned them and used Gerber pull up covers. I used these for MONTHS! So easy to clean, and once you get the hang of it, so easy to use! When I got pregnant with my daughter 8 years later, the first thing I asked for were flats, and my mom and grandmother graciously obliged. I used those flats for the first 4 months I had my daughter. The were also used by my sister exclusively for at least 6 months. (She can correct me if I’m wrong!) And they are still in excellent condition and useable for at least one more baby if not more! All I bought were covers. The only reason I stopped using flats was because I wanted to explore the world of cloth diapers more!

So when I started looking more into cloth diapers, I didn’t stray far from flats. The first thing I purchased was a Bummis Organic Cotton Diaper Kit ( ). I’m still using these workhorse diapers on J2! They are a little ratty and starting to go, but I have faith that they will last for quite a bit longer. They have been in use for over 3 years now and some of that was 2 kids in diapers. I got my money worth. And when I feel that they just aren’t cutting it for diapers, they will go into my cleaning supplies. We always grab one of these bad boys if there’s a mess to clean.

With prefolds, there is folding, pinning, and the use of a cover involved as well. But there is a much lesser learning curve with prefolds because they are already folded a bit for you. They are made from birdseye cotton and are sewn with different layers for absorbancy. Here’s an excellent site on folds for you:   Also searching on YouTube is a great suggestion as well.

Flats and prefolds are much easier to clean and dry than other diapers. Because they are so thin, the detergent washes out of them much easier, leading to less build up, which means less stinkies! They also dry super fast (flats that much faster)! I do find that the staining stays a bit longer on them, but nothing a dose in the sun can’t handle.

Take a look around online and start liking what you see! There’s something to be said about the diapers that our ancestors used! And yes, ancestors! They didn’t have Huggies in Biblical times!

Check back later and I’ll discuss the different types of covers you can use to cover these flats and prefolds!

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