Have You Ever?

Have you ever…

  • Fed your children cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner?  All in one day.
  • Swept your floor after supper and wondered how much food actually went in the kids bellies?
  • Gave your child a big box of crayons knowing full well that all 1000 crayons will be spread across your living room floor in about 2 minutes?
  • Told your child it was later than it actually was just so they would go to bed?
  • Wondered how so much laundry accumulated in just one day?  You know you only dressed the kids once!
  • Wondered where all the socks go?  And their not under the bed, in the dirty clothes, or in the dryer.
  • Given up on folding any socks that you could find and just let the kids wear unmatching socks out of a basket that you keep at the top of the stairs just for that purpose?
  • Left clean dishes in the dishwasher and just used those ones instead of putting them in the cupboard?
  • Put Cheerios/crackers/toast/etc.  directly on the floor for you children to eat because you know they are just going to dump the bowl out and eat whatever off the floor anyway?
  • Stayed in your pj’s all day just so you didn’t have to do anymore laundry?  Bonus points for keeping your kids in their pj’s all day as well.
  • Saw something on the floor and not be able to pick it up?  And when you actually needed it, tore about your house because you couldn’t find it?
  • Thought about getting a bigger house because your kids belongings have taken over with the thoughts that you house might look cleaner because the mess would be more spread out?
  • Let your kids wear that Halloween costume just to keep the peace?
  • Sat out in the kitchen (or another room) and listened to the kids dump toys and other items on the floor, but just stayed where you were?
  • Went to bed knowing that the mess will still be there because no matter how much you wish/pray, the cleaning fairy will not be showing up through the night?
  • Just sat in the middle of said mess and played with your kids?
  • My Living Room After a Day of Playing

This post was inspired by the destruction my children did to my house this weekend.

Hope everyone’s weekend went a little smoother then mine!  Share “Have you ever” moment!


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