For the Love of Flats!

I’m in love with flats!  I’m not kidding.  They wash like old dish rags, are more absorbent then you would think, dry INSIDE in about 3 hours and are not stiff when hung up, dry in the dryer in about 20 min., and are cheap!  CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!!!  Closet to free you can get.

I bought 24 OsoCozy Organic Flat diapers from Caterpillar Baby.  I paid about $44 for all 24.  You do need covers as well, but we were just looking to replace some of our old prefolds that were looking a little worse for wear.  That’s a fantastic deal if you ask me!  Makes me kinda wish we had bought these in the beginning.  These are a good size.  My son is about 21lbs and we can still origami fold our flats for him.  If you need more absorbancy, you can just put two together or pad fold one in the middle.  Here’s another resource for folding flats:

Edit:  I forgot to mention a couple cons.  Because they are cotton, they are a little hard to get poo off sometimes, and they do tend to hold stains.  I’m thankful everyday for my diaper sprayer!  And I don’t care about stains.  They come with the territory and Spring will be here before you know it!

J2 in a flat.

Happy Diapering!


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