New Year’s Resolutions!

Did you make a New Years’ resolution?  What did you resolve to do?  I decided this year that on top of the normal lose some weight, I’d make a few that would positively impact our family.  Here’s a list of what I have:

  • Cut our energy costs.  Not only will this impact our budget, but will help the environment and teach our children about energy efficiency.  We signed up before Christmas to participate in Cool Truro-Colchester.  So far we’ve been hanging up more laundry, turning our heat down at night, and have changed ALL the bulbs in our house to energy efficient ones.  We are also driving our beast of a minivan less often.
  • Eat more whole food.  Our recycling bags are numerous.  And most of this is packaging from food.  It’s a little shocking.  So I will be making more of our food from scratch, and trying to stay away from prepackaged food as much as possible.
  • Only eat oils that come from a product that is oily.  Do you know how they get oil from vegetables?  No, neither do I.  So we have started buying lard instead of shortening, butter instead of margarine and coconut oil instead of veggie oil.  The coconut oil and butter costs an arm and a leg, but for as much as we use either, we’re not too concerned.  We’ve always used mostly olive oil, but have been trying to figure something out for baking.  This is where the other fats come in handy.
  • Be more creative and do more things as a family.  This one is mostly for me.  I have a habit of running as fast as I can after supper to have some quiet time.  So instead, I’m implementing more quiet family time.  Some days, yes, I will still be running as far as fast as I can go, but I feel like we’re all going in separate directions most days.  More stories, games, crafts, outside time, etc.  To help with the creative side of this resolution, we’ve all decided to follow Amanda Soules’ The Rythm of Family.  It’s divided by months, has recipes, crafts for kids and mommas, and is overall fantastic.  I would suggest this book to anyone!  You can also follow her blog:
  • Take more pictures.  That’s really it.  I find that since I had the third babe, my picture-taking has gone down a lot.  I need to remember this time with the kids because they are growing up much to fast!  I’d also really like to learn how to use my camera, but I’m not pushing that one!

So that’s what we have in store for our family in 2012.  What’s up your sleeve?

Happy New Year!


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