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A Challenge for the Greater Good

I was searching around on the internet and came across the Flat and Hand washing Challenge that Dirty Diaper Laundry held back in May.  The reason that she did it (from what I took from the challenge) was to show that all families can use cloth, there are some choices with minimal up front fees, and you can do cloth even if you have to use a laundry mat or don’t have regular access to a washer.

Later on today, I was thinking about the people who use the food bank in our community.  I was reading a note on our food bank FB page and was saddened.  I understand that Christmas time is tough on families, but it always shocks me when I read updates from the food bank.

I was thinking that if these families have such a hard time getting food for their families, what else can they do to make the burden a little less?  Do the families with children in diapers let their kids sit in disposables until they can’t absorb anymore so they can make that package stretch a little farther?  Have they thought about cloth, but was shocked by the price of the newer, more modern cloth diapers?  What if they have to go to the laundry mat?  Does our laundry mat have a policy against cloth diapers?

I obviously don’t know the answers of these questions, but was wondering what I could do to help out.  We’re feeling the pinch of Nova Scotia Powers’ most recent power hike.  We’re trying to cut our grocery budget now before the price of food goes up again.  We’re keeping the van in the driveway as much as possible to try to cut our travel budget.  We have a modest income from my husband, not too much, but not too little, but Student Loans and other bills threaten to choke us monthly.  If we’re feeling like this, how are all the families that have lost their jobs lately feeling?  I couldn’t imagine.  And the thought of my kids sensing that kind of stress from us brings tears to my eyes.

So what can I do?  Well, I had a thought.  I am going to challenge you to start a box to go to your local food bank.  Keep a list of what you send and a running tally of the weight of your box.  Do this for the month of February and then post you’re totals on the February Food Bank Challenge FB Event Page.  Keep us up to date of the course of the month to let everyone know how you’re doing.  It doesn’t have to be much.  An extra box of cereal in your grocery order, or some unused cloth diapers that are sitting in your stash.  Any little bit counts!  Call your food bank and see what items go the fastest and maybe buy those all month.

There’s no prizes for those participating.  But knowing that we are helping keep the food bank stocked a little more is more than I need for compensation!

The first thing going into my box are my baby prefolds!  What about you?



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Sunning Your Diapers

I was folding diapers the other night dreaming of the sun.  Why you ask?  Because winter and teething has been hard on my cloth diapers.  Most are showing the effects of hanging inside in our basement or being put in the dryer to dry.  They are stained.  A few are quite nasty.

OK…so why was I dreaming of the sun?  Because it gets stains out!  With no effort on your part!

Think about it…what happens when you leave something in the car window for any amount of time?  What happens to the side of your curtains that face the window?  What happens to your lawn furniture cushions?  They fade!  The UV which is so nasty for your skin is the best thing that ever hit a diaper.

The key is to hang them out wet.  If they are dry, it doesn’t work.  This time of the year, if you are really desperate, you can wash the really nasty ones and lay them flat on a drying rack in front of a window.  It works, but nothing like a clothesline in the warm weather.

And honestly, is there any other view from your window that you’d rather see?  Or that great feeling of sticking it to the Power company?

Happy Diapering!

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Ode to Baby Bear!

Turning into Such a Little Man!

Nobody Loves His Momma Like He Does!
Has To Be Involved in Everything The Big Kids Are Doing!
Cuddly Baby!
Growing Up So Fast!
Smiles are only for a select few!
His Favorite Place to Sleep! (Still is!)
Finally Here! 2 Days Old
Ready to Pop!
2nd Trimester
Barely pregnant, but definitely showing!

So tomorrow is J2’s big birthday.  This Momma is definitely feeling the sentimental nostalgia of her last baby turning 1.  I always have a hard time when my kids have a birthday, but I think that J2 is going to be the hardest to deal with.  I know he’s the last one, and he’s not staying a baby like my husband and I asked him to when he was born.

He has to be the sweetest little guy in the world.  I know all moms say that about their children, but out of the 3, J2 has shown his true colors right from birth.  He loves to snuggle, gives kisses, make you laugh, but is also mischievous and sneaky already.  In fact, his favorite pastime is to pull all the DVD’s out, then when you’re cleaning them up, head over to the book-case and pull everything off of there.

By the time my older kids were this age, they were starting to exude their independence.  They were not nursing as much, and was much happier sitting on the floor playing rather than cuddling with their parents.  Not J2.  Unless the kids are doing something that he can be a part of, it’s a guarantee that he is attached to either myself or my husband.  And he still nurses like a 6 month old.  We’re starting to wonder how old he will be when he weans!

He’s very sensitive.  If the kids are crying, he’s either crying with them, or crawling over to give them lovins’.  To say no to him means a full-out tantrum with tears and snot from him.  He’s also learned that his humor can make everyone laugh, so that’s his new life mission.

He’s nothing like the other kids.  He has the “3rd Child Syndrome”.  He has decided to turn this household on its head and shake it for lunch money.  He was a week late and waited until M had the flu before he showed up.

But he’s are baby, and we’re learning to adapt to him.  We wear him more often, nurse him with no intention of ever stopping, spend most nights either pulling our hair out that he won’t sleep in his bed, or just go to bed (in our bed) with him.  We cherish the snuggles for fear he might turn on us soon.  We wanted him so bad and are enjoying every last wonderful, frustrating minute with him.  And wouldn’t change a thing.  (Except his sleeping habits!)

Happy First Birthday Baby Bear!  You are our little angel in more ways then you’ll ever know!  We can’t wait to explore the world with you in your new stages!

ps.  I aplogize in advance for the backwards order of the pictures!

Happy Parenting!

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Have You Ever?

Have you ever…

  • Fed your children cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner?  All in one day.
  • Swept your floor after supper and wondered how much food actually went in the kids bellies?
  • Gave your child a big box of crayons knowing full well that all 1000 crayons will be spread across your living room floor in about 2 minutes?
  • Told your child it was later than it actually was just so they would go to bed?
  • Wondered how so much laundry accumulated in just one day?  You know you only dressed the kids once!
  • Wondered where all the socks go?  And their not under the bed, in the dirty clothes, or in the dryer.
  • Given up on folding any socks that you could find and just let the kids wear unmatching socks out of a basket that you keep at the top of the stairs just for that purpose?
  • Left clean dishes in the dishwasher and just used those ones instead of putting them in the cupboard?
  • Put Cheerios/crackers/toast/etc.  directly on the floor for you children to eat because you know they are just going to dump the bowl out and eat whatever off the floor anyway?
  • Stayed in your pj’s all day just so you didn’t have to do anymore laundry?  Bonus points for keeping your kids in their pj’s all day as well.
  • Saw something on the floor and not be able to pick it up?  And when you actually needed it, tore about your house because you couldn’t find it?
  • Thought about getting a bigger house because your kids belongings have taken over with the thoughts that you house might look cleaner because the mess would be more spread out?
  • Let your kids wear that Halloween costume just to keep the peace?
  • Sat out in the kitchen (or another room) and listened to the kids dump toys and other items on the floor, but just stayed where you were?
  • Went to bed knowing that the mess will still be there because no matter how much you wish/pray, the cleaning fairy will not be showing up through the night?
  • Just sat in the middle of said mess and played with your kids?
  • My Living Room After a Day of Playing

This post was inspired by the destruction my children did to my house this weekend.

Hope everyone’s weekend went a little smoother then mine!  Share “Have you ever” moment!

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For the Love of Flats!

I’m in love with flats!  I’m not kidding.  They wash like old dish rags, are more absorbent then you would think, dry INSIDE in about 3 hours and are not stiff when hung up, dry in the dryer in about 20 min., and are cheap!  CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!!!  Closet to free you can get.

I bought 24 OsoCozy Organic Flat diapers from Caterpillar Baby.  I paid about $44 for all 24.  You do need covers as well, but we were just looking to replace some of our old prefolds that were looking a little worse for wear.  That’s a fantastic deal if you ask me!  Makes me kinda wish we had bought these in the beginning.  These are a good size.  My son is about 21lbs and we can still origami fold our flats for him.  If you need more absorbancy, you can just put two together or pad fold one in the middle.  Here’s another resource for folding flats:

Edit:  I forgot to mention a couple cons.  Because they are cotton, they are a little hard to get poo off sometimes, and they do tend to hold stains.  I’m thankful everyday for my diaper sprayer!  And I don’t care about stains.  They come with the territory and Spring will be here before you know it!

J2 in a flat.

Happy Diapering!

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Friday Picture Time

BG 3.0

Prefold with Bummis Wrap
Monkey Doodlez swim diaper


Over on, she posts just a picture every Friday.  She calls it “This Moment”.  She does the most beautiful pictures, so please never expect pictures like hers!  But I’ve decided that I need more pics!  So here are some of the two youngest in a few of their diapers over the years.  I wish I had some of my oldest…I think I’ll be digging out the photo albums to see later on this weekend!

Happy Diapering!

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New Year’s Resolutions!

Did you make a New Years’ resolution?  What did you resolve to do?  I decided this year that on top of the normal lose some weight, I’d make a few that would positively impact our family.  Here’s a list of what I have:

  • Cut our energy costs.  Not only will this impact our budget, but will help the environment and teach our children about energy efficiency.  We signed up before Christmas to participate in Cool Truro-Colchester.  So far we’ve been hanging up more laundry, turning our heat down at night, and have changed ALL the bulbs in our house to energy efficient ones.  We are also driving our beast of a minivan less often.
  • Eat more whole food.  Our recycling bags are numerous.  And most of this is packaging from food.  It’s a little shocking.  So I will be making more of our food from scratch, and trying to stay away from prepackaged food as much as possible.
  • Only eat oils that come from a product that is oily.  Do you know how they get oil from vegetables?  No, neither do I.  So we have started buying lard instead of shortening, butter instead of margarine and coconut oil instead of veggie oil.  The coconut oil and butter costs an arm and a leg, but for as much as we use either, we’re not too concerned.  We’ve always used mostly olive oil, but have been trying to figure something out for baking.  This is where the other fats come in handy.
  • Be more creative and do more things as a family.  This one is mostly for me.  I have a habit of running as fast as I can after supper to have some quiet time.  So instead, I’m implementing more quiet family time.  Some days, yes, I will still be running as far as fast as I can go, but I feel like we’re all going in separate directions most days.  More stories, games, crafts, outside time, etc.  To help with the creative side of this resolution, we’ve all decided to follow Amanda Soules’ The Rythm of Family.  It’s divided by months, has recipes, crafts for kids and mommas, and is overall fantastic.  I would suggest this book to anyone!  You can also follow her blog:
  • Take more pictures.  That’s really it.  I find that since I had the third babe, my picture-taking has gone down a lot.  I need to remember this time with the kids because they are growing up much to fast!  I’d also really like to learn how to use my camera, but I’m not pushing that one!

So that’s what we have in store for our family in 2012.  What’s up your sleeve?

Happy New Year!

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