Cloth Wipes

We just recently started using cloth wipes.  I don’t know why it’s taken us so long, but I’m in love.  Here’s our system:

I only fold up about 10 of those cheap baby face clothes that you have 100’s of already from your baby shower.  I only do a few at a time so that we don’t get a mold situation.  Here’s how I fold them.  I use a Prince Lionheart wipe warmer that I found at a used clothing sale for $10.

The solution that we use at the moment are Monkey Doodlez wipe cubes.  I bought mine from The Fluff and Stuff Shop  during the Cyber Monday sales.  I keep a 500ml mason jar with 1 cube diluted in the fridge.  1 cube will do 2 fill ups in our warmer.  If you want to make your own, just do a quick search for wipe solution and you will find lots of different recipes to suit your family.

Whenever my sewing machine and serger find each other again, I will be making my own wipes.  The face clothes work well, but I find them a little small.  All personal preference though.

To go out, I just grab a few and put them in a ziploc baggy, or through them in the travel case.  I don’t store them in my diaper bag, just because of the mold situation that can occur.

To wash, you just throw them in with your regular diaper laundry.  If you don’t use cloth, they can go in with your towels.

You can also use a dry method with your wipes.  All you do then is keep a spray bottle and spritz the wipes as you need them.  I personally prefer a warm cloth for J2’s tushy, but it’s all up to you!

Happy Diapering!


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