Prepping New (or used) Diapers

I just bought some bamboo inserts for our pocket diapers from Enchanted Forest over the weekend and am waiting on an order of flats and prefolds from Caterpillar Baby and thought that I should do a quick write-up on how to prepare your diapers for that initial wearing.

Some diapers take a little more work than others.  Microfiber inserts, covers and pocket covers only need one regular wash before you can use them.  There are no oils on them that need to be washed away to make them absorbent.   Other diapers need a bit of effort put into them.

Natural fibres (hemp, cotton and bamboo) have an oil on them that must be washed away before you can use them.  And they can’t be prepped in your regular diaper laundry.  All the oils will leach onto your other diapers, and you will be stripping your entire load.

So what can you do?  These materials need at least 5  HOT washes to be absorbent and may take up to 10 washes to be at the absorbancy that you are expecting.  This can be time-consuming and irritating.  Who wants to use that much hot water?  Wasteful.

BOIL THEM!  I put a few diapers at a time in my big stock pot and boil them for about 5-10min.  Then I put fresh water in and boil them again for the same amount of time.  Then I wash them once or twice in loads of towels or bedding.  Don’t forget to wash them in the same detergent that you wash your diapers in.

This can be time-consuming (as in you actually have to do some work) but it could take up to a week or longer if you wash them with other laundry.  This way you get to use your new diapers in just a few days.

What if you’re prepping new to you diapers?  I always treat used diapers the same way that I treat new diapers.  If I know that they have been used for a bit, then I normally just boil and wash and be done with it.  I know that they are sanitized and get all the stuff that other people put in them.

Never boil your microfiber or PUL.  Guarantee for trouble.  If you are concerned about what might be on them, add boiling water to your washer and a squirt of Blue Dawn and rinse until there are no bubbles left.  This is the same as stripping them and will get anything out of there that you don’t want.

So head out and get some diapers!  You have the tools now!  Here are a few stores here in Nova Scotia to get you started!

Happy Diapering!


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