I LOVE wool!  It smells so good, warm and comfy.  I’ve been known to be found with my face full of our wool blankets.  I always take a deep breath when we walk into Lismore Sheep Farm. Weird?  Maybe.  But wool diaper covers are little pieces of heaven that you can put on your baby, whether you use cloth or disposable diapers.  They keep your baby warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  Longies, shorties, soakers, skirties, your options are endless.

Why would you choose wool?  Wool is naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antimicrobial, wicks moisture away from your baby, is super breathable, less likely to leave your baby with a diaper rash, and is a sustainable option for mommas out there.

Wool is a bit scary to some.  You need to wash it with care (not very often), and it needs to be lanolized to keep working.  To lanolize just means to put the natural water-resistant oils back into the wool.

I took the liberty of finding you a couple of links on how to care for your wool.  Here ya go!



And here’s a perfect video on how to care for the covers:


Happy Diapering!



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2 responses to “Wool! I LOVE WOOL!

  1. Kim

    Hi! What is your favourite wool cover? Do you know of any made in Nova Scotia? Wool can be expensive and takes a little (just a little) effort to care for and is totally worth it. Thank you for writing this up!

    • At the moment…the ones I make! lol! I would love to try Aristocrats (sp?) though. Because we use a lot of prefolds, I like the higher rise that I can give myself. Aristocrats look like they have a really good rise. Enchanted Forest (Andrea) has made some to sell on her site, and as soon as the baby lets me sit down for more then 10 min. I’d like to make some to sell myself.

      ps. You had some fantastic sales on this past weekend!

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