A Frugal, Generous Christmas!

In our family we’re trying to teach our children that Christmas is about family and friends, not about gifts.  Yes, a lot of it is because we have A LOT of people to shop for and it adds up quickly.  Here are some of the ways that we are trying to be generous and not spend a lot of money.  I can’t give a lot away (people will see!), but here’s the general idea.

  • Grandparents love pictures and handmade presents.  So that’s what we’re doing.  Updated pictures, and a special handmade gift.
  • We don’t buy presents for the Aunts and Uncles.  Instead we give a food gift, pictures, or a little knick knack that the kids have made.
  • Extended family only get a card from us with a little note inside.  This saves a lot of stress as we have a very large family.  Some get pictures, some not.  I feel that just to know that we’re thinking of them is a great gift, and that’s all I would want as well.
  • Our kids are limited to 5 or 6 presents each.  We then donate a gift that matches their age and gender to Christmas Index.  They pick out the gift themselves, and we discuss that some families have a difficult time and they are helping Santa out.
  • We donate to the big food drive that our local radio station holds every year.  I mentioned this and the gift giving in an earlier post.
  • We give clothes that we find in EUC at clothing sales to the kids whenever possible.  This saves a lot of money that can be used towards that special something that they really want.

So that’s really it.  We have changed Christmas from  a gift grab into a special family time that we treasure instead.  We see all our family over the course of a few days and cherish the time we have together.  That’s really what the holidays are about anyway!

For some handmade holiday ideas here are some of my favorite links:

Good luck with your frugal Christmas!


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  1. Belinda

    Oh geez! If you don’t find SOMETHING amazing at martha stewart.com, you need to check the address again because you clearly were not in the right spot!

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