Why used?

Why would you buy used diapers over spending the money and getting all new diapers?  Used diapers are basically diapers someone else already used?  Isn’t that sort of…I don’t know, gross?  NO!!!  Do you think that when you buy used clothes or buy anything used?

The benefits of used diapers is you get to try an assortment of diapers at a discounted price before committing to spending a lot of money.  No one diaper works well for everyone, and I truly believe that you should have an assortment of diapers in your stash.  Some diapers work better when babies are smaller, some are better for overnight and naps, and some just fit better than others.


My Diaper Stash

Above is my stash.  As you can see, I have an assortment of diapers and covers.  Some are used more frequently than others.  This picture does not include my prefolds.  Yes, I probably have too many diapers.  But!  I know that whatever stage J2 is in, I have the diaper for him!  Some of these diapers were bought used and some were new.  Many times I buy only one or two of a certain brand before I commit to anymore.

Another perk of buying used is that MANY people buy cloth diapers, wash them once or twice and NEVER USE THEM!  This means that you are buying excellent diapers at a discounted price.  Even if they are gently used, diapers are made to go through at least 2 children.  A little strip (another post) and you’re good to go, without all the annoying prepping (another post as well.)

I truely believe in buying used items.  Saves money and the environment.  As the saying goes, “One persons trash is another persons treasure!”


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