Diapering Accerssories to make your life EASIER!!!

So now you have your diapers…what else do you need?  Just a few items can make your diapering life much easier.

Diaper pails are of course necessary to hold all the dirties until laundry day.  Any pail with a lid, even a small garbage can, will work for this.  You can also line the pail with a large wet bag (see my suggestions below)to save you from having to clean your pail as often.  I’d tell you what brand I have, but I can’t find them anywhere online.  All I can tell you is that both of my pails came from Sears many years age.  There are lots of brands targeted towards cloth diapers if you do a quick search.

Wet bags are also great for travel or for lining your pail.  I have Bummis bags and love them.  My son uses the medium one for swimming when I’m not using it.  The largest sizes also make great pail liners.  Planet Wise makes great bags that also are super cute.

If you’re using flats, prefolds, or even some fitted diapers, you’ll be glad to know you don’t need to use pins.  Snappis hold your diapers on your baby without fear of pricks.

The best investment that our family has made is our bumGenius diaper sprayer.  There are other brands out there as well.  These save you the hassle of dunking and really helps take the fear out of the poo situation with cloth.

Another accessory that can make or break your experience is your laundry detergent.  Take the time to try a couple different detergents and know your water type.  And don’t be scared of the cost of some!  I bought my box of Allen’s Naturally detergent over a year ago and am nowhere near being done the box.  Another popular brand is Rockin’ Green.  Take the time!  You’ll be thankful in the long run.  Here’s a great resource for you…it’s a detergent chart.  It goes through popular laundry brands and lets you know what works best for your cloth.

Happy Diapering!


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