Pockets and All In Ones (AIO)

So lastly in your choices of cloth diapers are pockets and AIO’s. These have a PUL cover and the absorbent insert together as one. The difference between a pocket and an AIO is with a pocket you can remover the soiled absorbent insert. This makes for faster drying and the benefit of easily adding more absorbancy as you wish.

These diapers come with the choice of snaps or Aplix for fastening like covers, and come with different options for inserts. Depending on brands, you can also choose sized or One Size options.

I have ZERO experience with AIO’s, I’m going to leave that up to you! I have always chosen pockets for the cleaning and drying aspect.

Here are some of my favorite brands:
FuzziBunz have great sized and one size options that fit well. They are only available in snaps as far as I know, but are still really easy to adjust and put on baby. Microfiber can be a bit fussy (later discussion), but these are super absorbent. FuzziBunz now sells minky and organic cotton insert options for those who do not really like microfiber.

bumGenis makes a great OS option with either snaps or APLIX. These come with microfiber as well, but bamboo doublers are also available for purchase. I only have the APLIX option, which make for a great, adjustable fit. They also sell refresher kits with really simple instructions for replacement of the velcro.  They also sell AIO’s that you might be interested in.

AMP are made in Canada and have a variety of diapers. I really like their OS Duo with bamboo inserts. These have fit to fold inserts and they do not use microfiber for any. One thing to keep in mind when buying these is that the insert is not included, they must be bought separately. The space to insert and remove the insert is in the front of the diaper where as FuzziBunz and bumGenious is in the backs of diapers.

These are my main 3 choices for pockets. Pockets and AIO’s are as close to disposable as you can get, which makes them an excellent choice for daycare.

If you have any questions about any diapers, or want to know my opinion or what I have heard, feel free to ask! Also, everyone check out New and Used Diaper Co. on Facebook! We’re having a contest the month of November!

Happy Diapering!


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