Diaper Covers

So maybe you’ve decided to use prefolds, fitted or flat diapers.  Now you need a cover.  There are really only a few choices of fabric out there; PUL (Celtic Cloths explains what that is), fleece or wool.  It’s really your preferance what you would like to use and how you feel these choices work for your family.  Here’s a list of covers per fabric choice I would personally suggest:


Bummis makes great covers with wonderful color and print choices.  I have only had the Aplix fastener type, but have never heard a complaint about the snaps.  Their sizes are generous and once your out of the smalls, the mediums will last you a very long time.  My daughter went into her mediums around 6 months and wore them until potty trained around age 3.  Can’t go wrong there!

Thirsties also has a wonderful PUL wrap system at a reasonable price.  They have 2 sizes to choose from and also comes in snaps or Aplix.  I have size 2’s of these wraps and I really like that they are a little higher in the rise.  Again, my daughter wore her size 2 Duo Wrap until she was potty trained.

Sweet Pea also have a One Size option that I have only heard great things about as well.  It is an American company, but is available in many stores here in Canada.  One thing worth mentioning about all One Size options is that sometimes if your baby was on the smaller side, it can take a little bit before they grow into the diapers.  Most say starting at 8 pounds, but my babies were all bigger then that and they were closer to 12 pounds before they could wear our One Size diapers with proper fitting.


I have only had experience with one fleece diaper.  It was a Sugar Peas fleece diaper cover.  It worked fine for the days, but not for nights.  And I do like the fit, the elastics on the legs were comfy and did not leave marks on my kids legs.  The sizing runs a little small, so keep that in mind when ordering.  The perks to fleece is that it’s more breathable then PUL but more user friendly then wool.  If you’ve had more experience then me, please feel free to comment.


Wool is a perfect natural product to choose when cloth diapering.  I won’t go into all the perks, but you can read all about it here.  Again, I’ve mostly made my wool covers but can tell you a few popular choices to help guide the way.  Aristocrats, Woollybottoms, and Kissaluvs all make great wool products that I drool over all the time.  I have never bought any only because I can make my own wool covers.  But trust me, if my husband wouldn’t notice, I’d have one or two of these in my stash!  Here’s the pattern that I use to make our covers.

I’ll discuss taking care of your wool in another post.



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  1. Belinda

    Love Sweet Pea covers! We’ve been using them ever since Veruka was big enough for cloth (around 7lbs) and hope to use them until she’s out of diapers! They gave her a bit of a bubble butt in the beginning when we were using flats, but we have NEVER had a leak!

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