Some of my favorite natural products!

We’ve been slowly phasing out chemicals in our house. I say slowly because even though I know the health risks involved, I can’t justify throwing out things. But as we run out of something, we replace it with natural, organic (hopefully) products. Here’s just a few!

Dimpleskins Bum Bum Balm. Made in Canada, natural, organic, fragrance free and chemical free. I fell in love with this cream years ago when I had my daughter. It’s fragrance free, but the essential oils used to calm your baby’s bottom smells like heaven. Unfortunately, my daughter agrees and rubs it all over her when I get a new pot. This has been delegated to the diaper bag away from her little hands.

Nature Clean cleaning products are gentle to you and the environment, but tough enough to get out anything that you can throw at it. I recently purchased the All Purpose Cleaning Lotion for the kitchen and am in love! 1/2 tsp in an old spray cleaning bottle is all you need! I didn’t even pay $5 for the jug!

Anointment soaps…luxury in bar form. She’s a local gal who makes her products the old fashion way in a second kitchen in her home in Sackville, NB. You HAVE to check her out!

At the moment those are the main 3 that we use in our home. We also have Organix and Live Clean shampoo and conditioners that we quite enjoy as well.

I think the key to using natural products is to know that your house will not smell lemon fresh (unless you add lemon essential oil!) but you can replace your regular cleaning and bathing products with natural products easily and frugally. Shop around and find what’s best for your family!


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