How Online Diaper Consignment Works!

So…how exactly is this going to work? Well! Please keep in mind that this may change over time and as we perfect our systems, but here’s the jist:

Everyone has diapers that they don’t use anymore, whether it be that your children have outgrown or they just never fit properly. Send me an email at with some pictures. I’ll take a peek at them and tell you how much they are based on a scale. Then you send them to me, we put them online for 30 days and you get a cheque in the mail when they are sold after the 30 days. If they have not sold after the 30 days you can choose to keep them online for another 30 days or I will mail them back to you. Easy peesy.

How much $$$ will you get back for your sales you say? 70%. I keep 30% for shipping fees and such that I inherit. The only thing that you pay is your shipping fee to mail them to me.

How do I determine how much diapers are worth? I have an average of how much brand new diapers cost from across Canada from different online diaper stores. I used at least 5 stores. I say at least because not every store sells every brand of diapers. Then I look at your diapers. Excellent used condition (EUC) are diapers that may have only been washed once or twice or even never used. You can tell a fresh diaper from used ones pretty fast. These will sell for 80% of the average price across Canada. The second stage is OK used condition (OUC). These would be diapers that have been washed many times, may have a stain or two (but nothing a wash and a sunning couldn’t get out), but overall are in great condition. These would sell for 60% of the average price. And lastly are used condition (UC) diapers. These are the diapers that look well-loved, but still have lots of life in them. No snaps would be missing, but maybe the velcro if possible needs to be replaced. Or they just may look a little worn. They are still good unless there are holes in them, the PUL is cracked and are leaking, or they just are not fixable by a Momma sewer. These would sell for 40% of the average price.

When you send me pictures online, I will tell you what I THINK they would sell for. But I may not be able to tell you until I see them in person. Before they are posted online, I will email you and tell you how much I will be posting them for. You can then choose to sell or I can send them back to you.

So I think that’s that. If you have any questions feel free to email me at the above mentioned email or post on FB.

Happy Day!


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