Fitted Diapers

I have a minute, so I’ll quickly do a run down on fitted diapers. There’s really not too much to discuss with them.

Fitted diapers look basically like a disposable (easiest way to describe), can be made from many different fabrics, have snaps or velcro for closures, can be multiple sizes or a one size option, and needs a cover to keep clothes dry.

My favorite fitted diapers hands down have to be MotherEase One Size bamboo fitted diaper. OMG!! I love these things! They can easily be adjusted for newborns (please keep in mind that my latest baby wearing them was over 8 lbs at birth, so now experience with smaller babes!) and have a doubler that can be added to boost absorbancy. Great bang for your buck.

Bummis sells Bambozzle diapers made from bamboo that are amazing too. So soft!

Sugar Peas also sell a 2 sized hemp system that is fantastic.

sustainablebabyish makes a perfect one size snapless option that is a miracle at night. They also sell sized fitted diapers and wool covers that are quite fabulous I hear, but I’ve only tried the snapless OS.

Rearz also makes prefold fitted diapers (a prefold with snaps!) and other fitted diapers that I have only ever heard fantastic things about as well. You can find these diapers at Enchanted Forest here in Truro!

Fitted diapers are great because they are usually very easy to clean, super absorbant, and having a 2 piece system (diaper and cover) seems to make a leak proof system.

Happy Diapering!


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