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A Sleeping Baby

A Sleeping Baby

The main reason I wear my Children.



October 27, 2011 · 11:05 pm

Fitted Diapers

I have a minute, so I’ll quickly do a run down on fitted diapers. There’s really not too much to discuss with them.

Fitted diapers look basically like a disposable (easiest way to describe), can be made from many different fabrics, have snaps or velcro for closures, can be multiple sizes or a one size option, and needs a cover to keep clothes dry.

My favorite fitted diapers hands down have to be MotherEase One Size bamboo fitted diaper. OMG!! I love these things! They can easily be adjusted for newborns (please keep in mind that my latest baby wearing them was over 8 lbs at birth, so now experience with smaller babes!) and have a doubler that can be added to boost absorbancy. Great bang for your buck.

Bummis sells Bambozzle diapers made from bamboo that are amazing too. So soft!

Sugar Peas also sell a 2 sized hemp system that is fantastic.

sustainablebabyish makes a perfect one size snapless option that is a miracle at night. They also sell sized fitted diapers and wool covers that are quite fabulous I hear, but I’ve only tried the snapless OS.

Rearz also makes prefold fitted diapers (a prefold with snaps!) and other fitted diapers that I have only ever heard fantastic things about as well. You can find these diapers at Enchanted Forest here in Truro!

Fitted diapers are great because they are usually very easy to clean, super absorbant, and having a 2 piece system (diaper and cover) seems to make a leak proof system.

Happy Diapering!

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How Online Diaper Consignment Works!

So…how exactly is this going to work? Well! Please keep in mind that this may change over time and as we perfect our systems, but here’s the jist:

Everyone has diapers that they don’t use anymore, whether it be that your children have outgrown or they just never fit properly. Send me an email at with some pictures. I’ll take a peek at them and tell you how much they are based on a scale. Then you send them to me, we put them online for 30 days and you get a cheque in the mail when they are sold after the 30 days. If they have not sold after the 30 days you can choose to keep them online for another 30 days or I will mail them back to you. Easy peesy.

How much $$$ will you get back for your sales you say? 70%. I keep 30% for shipping fees and such that I inherit. The only thing that you pay is your shipping fee to mail them to me.

How do I determine how much diapers are worth? I have an average of how much brand new diapers cost from across Canada from different online diaper stores. I used at least 5 stores. I say at least because not every store sells every brand of diapers. Then I look at your diapers. Excellent used condition (EUC) are diapers that may have only been washed once or twice or even never used. You can tell a fresh diaper from used ones pretty fast. These will sell for 80% of the average price across Canada. The second stage is OK used condition (OUC). These would be diapers that have been washed many times, may have a stain or two (but nothing a wash and a sunning couldn’t get out), but overall are in great condition. These would sell for 60% of the average price. And lastly are used condition (UC) diapers. These are the diapers that look well-loved, but still have lots of life in them. No snaps would be missing, but maybe the velcro if possible needs to be replaced. Or they just may look a little worn. They are still good unless there are holes in them, the PUL is cracked and are leaking, or they just are not fixable by a Momma sewer. These would sell for 40% of the average price.

When you send me pictures online, I will tell you what I THINK they would sell for. But I may not be able to tell you until I see them in person. Before they are posted online, I will email you and tell you how much I will be posting them for. You can then choose to sell or I can send them back to you.

So I think that’s that. If you have any questions feel free to email me at the above mentioned email or post on FB.

Happy Day!

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Different Diaper Types

So I thought that this week, I’d go over the different types of cloth diapers you can buy. There are lots of brands for each type and I will link you up with brands that I know and have used. And maybe a couple that I haven’t used, but are extremely popular right now.

Today we’ll tackle flats and prefolds. These are your Grammys diapers. There is a learning curve with these, and you do need separate covers, but are easy to wash and CHEAP! Cheap, cheap, cheap!

First flats. These are pretty much what people used back when on their babies. They must be folded and pinned, and you should use a cover with them. Nowadays, you can use a Snappi to hold your diapers on and this eliminates the risk of pricking your baby. Here is a great site to help you with folding your flats: .  Also check out YouTube. Just search for flat diaper folding and you will find lots of videos to help you!

I first used flats almost 12 years ago *tear* when I first had my son. My mom made me flats from old flannel sheets and I pinned them and used Gerber pull up covers. I used these for MONTHS! So easy to clean, and once you get the hang of it, so easy to use! When I got pregnant with my daughter 8 years later, the first thing I asked for were flats, and my mom and grandmother graciously obliged. I used those flats for the first 4 months I had my daughter. The were also used by my sister exclusively for at least 6 months. (She can correct me if I’m wrong!) And they are still in excellent condition and useable for at least one more baby if not more! All I bought were covers. The only reason I stopped using flats was because I wanted to explore the world of cloth diapers more!

So when I started looking more into cloth diapers, I didn’t stray far from flats. The first thing I purchased was a Bummis Organic Cotton Diaper Kit ( ). I’m still using these workhorse diapers on J2! They are a little ratty and starting to go, but I have faith that they will last for quite a bit longer. They have been in use for over 3 years now and some of that was 2 kids in diapers. I got my money worth. And when I feel that they just aren’t cutting it for diapers, they will go into my cleaning supplies. We always grab one of these bad boys if there’s a mess to clean.

With prefolds, there is folding, pinning, and the use of a cover involved as well. But there is a much lesser learning curve with prefolds because they are already folded a bit for you. They are made from birdseye cotton and are sewn with different layers for absorbancy. Here’s an excellent site on folds for you:   Also searching on YouTube is a great suggestion as well.

Flats and prefolds are much easier to clean and dry than other diapers. Because they are so thin, the detergent washes out of them much easier, leading to less build up, which means less stinkies! They also dry super fast (flats that much faster)! I do find that the staining stays a bit longer on them, but nothing a dose in the sun can’t handle.

Take a look around online and start liking what you see! There’s something to be said about the diapers that our ancestors used! And yes, ancestors! They didn’t have Huggies in Biblical times!

Check back later and I’ll discuss the different types of covers you can use to cover these flats and prefolds!

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Giving back

This news story ( ) that was aired this morning on our local radio station really caught my attention. Please take a moment to read/listen.

It got me thinking of ways that we as a family can help. During this time of the year, my family gives back in many ways. Here’s a list of what we do:

– The local radio stations in the area hold a food drive every year to raise food and funds for our local food bank. I take the kids to the grocery store and they each buy food to donate. I try to target their age groups. J1 buys things that kids can take to lunch like Alphagetti, soup, crackers, snacks. M also buys things that she likes such as crackers, cereal, oatmeal. And this year J2 will do what we did when M was a baby; formula and baby food. After listening to the above mentioned article, we will also be donating cash to help with the expenses of running the building.

-We donate any used outer wear that we have to Coats for Kids. Here in Truro, you drop off any good used outer wear to Wilsons Fuel, and Maggie’s Place and The Boys and Girls Club of Truro and Colchester distribute them to families in need.

-Every Christmas, we take the kids to Zellers and they each pick out a name from the tree to buy a child a gift. They pick out someone who is the same age as them and they each get a certain amount of money to spend on their child. D and I buy each child 1 less gift then we would normally and they learn that instead of getting that extra gift, the child that they picked off the tree will be getting it instead.

-During the year, I pick up an extra box of cereal, pasta, canned good, etc. and put it in the donation box at the grocery store. Both stores that I normally shop at have one. If your store does not, then ask to have one! It doesn’t cost me that much extra on my grocery bill, and I normally pick up two sale items instead of one to throw in there.

-I sell the kids used clothes in clothing sales. Whatever doesn’t sell (usually more than half come back home) I put the rest in the Diabetes Association bins. They are red and are all over Truro now. If there are no red bins in your area, you can call 1-800-505-5525. You can also donate any used clothes to your local Salvation Army or your local children’s center. Our local Maggie’s Place accepts gently used clothes to give out to families in the area.

I know it’s a bit early to be thinking about this, but people need food and clothing all year round. I always think about what would happen if we needed help to clothe or feed our children. So instead of giving back around the holidays when most people do, try finding ways that you can help out all year round!


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Welcome to New and Used Diaper Company!

Well Hello!  Welcome to New and Used Diaper Company Blog.  Here I will share my knowledge of cloth diapers, baby wearing and parenting in general.

My credientials:

Mom of 3: J1 who is 11, M who is 3 and J2 who is almost 9 months.

All 3 of my kids have worn cloth diapers, been worn in a carrier of some sort, and have benefited from natural parenting.  Over the years, parenting and diapering have changed so much and I’ve loved every minute of it!  Now I want to help other parents be able to cloth diaper their babes.  Buying used cloth diapers is a great way to learn what you like (or don’t), what works for your family and to help save a bit of money.  Using cloth will save you money in the long run, but it’s really hard to buy all that you need right off the start.  I think that that initial cost throws most people off!  I’m here to say…it can be done!

On the blog, I’ll talk about caring for your diapers, what works for people, diaper reviews, etc.  Can’t wait to meet all of you in the comments section!

Chat soon!

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